Are there any serious consequences that can happen if you get your nape pierced and it gets infected?

There are risks in getting any piercing. And depending on what occurs after getting said piercing a range of consequences, one of which is infection. When you get pierced we go over aftercare and general knowledge for the piercing that you get, if you have specific questions or concerns let us know then and we’ll be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Is the nape piercing dermals or a bar like your belly button?

If you’re referencing a recent ask we were quoting for a surface bar, which is actually neither. A navel takes a curved barbell and that would be too much pressure and the nape is one spot we don’t recommend micro-dermals. The surface jewelry we use is flat and has two proper angles at each end.

This back piece is from Gabe in our #anoka shop. We love seeing people’s dreams come into fruition. You nailed it Gabe! #wingnuttattoo #mn #tattoo

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A bunch of recent awesomeness from @crazyshane73! Jewelry from #industrialstrength #anatometal and #bvla. Major props to the returning client who always sits like a champ for her pieces. #wingnuttattoo #mn #stcloud #anoka #rochester #legitbodypiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry

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I would like to get a tattoo late October. Are there any artists in Anoka that aren't booked out for months that I could get tattooed by then? Thanks!

The best way to see the soonest availability for schedules is to swing into the shop and chat with us about what you want to do. Please bring with any reference material you have when you come. 
As far as getting in before October it’s definitely feasible! Gabe is our only artist in Anoka that has frozen books until that time frame.

Do you do back of the neck piercing and if so, how much does it cost?

We do indeed pierce the nape of the neck. It’s $45 for the piercing plus the cost of the jewelry that you pick out. Jewelry starts at $35 and goes up from there. No appointment is necessary, just swing in when it works for you!

We recently updated Gabe’s portfolio and this amazing tattoo was a part of that. Head to to check it out or see it on our Facebook. Friendly reminder, his booking freeze is lifted September 30th. #wingnuttattoo #mn #anoka #tattoo

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Happy International Piercing Day! #wingnuttattoo #mn #anoka #stcloud

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If my income changes between when I set up an appointment and the day of the appointment, is it rude to cancel? I feel like it's a little insulting to the artist. Is it okay to say you'll reschedule after your finances stabilize?

This is kind of a difficult question to answer, but here’s our best advice:

If life happens and you have to reschedule, do so ASAP. It’s not like we don’t understand that the universe throws stuff at you. Now if you call the day of and say “Oh, I’m out of state…” it seems like you don’t care. Knowing a date that you can reschedule to when you call to cancel is also really helpful, especially in the cases of artist who are booked out a ways. Also, please be understanding when there will be times where you forfeit your deposit.

@j_s_heike did this awesome piece in the #stcloud shop recently. (Ignore the photo splicing, trying to get y’all a full view.) #wingnuttattoo #anoka #mn #tattoo

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@johnchamberlin is knocking it out of the park with this in-progress black and grey sleeve. We can’t wait to see more! #wingnuttattoo #mn #anoka #stcloud #rochester #tattoo

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We’re just one week away from Summertime by George starting in #stcloud! Make sure to swing by each week to see us, hear awesome bands and enjoy local eats, all for FREE!

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If you get your hips pierced do you need to get them surgically removed?

No, you shouldn’t have to do anything except come see a piercer to have them removed. 

Our new piercer in St.Cloud, Churtch, has had a chance to use some BEAUTIFUL jewelry lately. Check out these photos and more at Then swing into St.Cloud to see her!

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@kellifury is making great progress on this awesome back piece! Ignore Bob’s eyes, building up the white has him a little puffy-eyed. #wingnuttattoo #mn #stcloud #anoka #rochester

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