How much would snakebites be ?

You’d be looking at $45 in piercing cost, plus the jewelry that you pick out. 

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Do any of your artists do dotwork tattoos?

Dot work is something that is done in a few different styles, stop into any of our locations and an artist would be happy to talk about possibilities!

Where is the wingnut location in Rochester?

526 Broadway Ave N
Rochester MN 55906

How much does a lip pericing cost ?

$35 plus the cost of the jewelry you pick out.

HUGE pile of awesomeness just in from our friends @bvla! Nostril pieces in 14 karat white, yellow &rose gold, available with cz AND genuine diamonds! Come spruce up healed holes or treat yourself to something new! #wingnut #wingnuttattoo #mn #anoka #stcloud #rochester #tattoo #legitbodyjewelry #piercing #legitpiercingslook #bvla #gold

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How new was the help seek post for the Anoka location?

Recent, but that position has been filled. Feel free to follow the steps to apply and your resume will kept on file.

So if I'm 16 years old, almost 17 could I get snakebite lip piercings with a parent signature in the Rochester one?

At all of our locations: WITHOUT parental consent you must be 18 years of age or older. WITH parental consent you must be 15 years of age or older. If you’re underage, both you and one of your parents need to provide a state or federal-issued photo ID with matching last name AND address (school ID’s are not acceptable). If for some reason either of those things don’t match we need a state/federal issued form explaining the difference (ex: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree) Please note, any of those forms do NOT replace the need for either of the ID’s. You and your parent or guardian will have to fill out paperwork and they will have to be present for the procedure. If you have a legal guardian that isn’t your parent you’ll need to bring legal proof.

Our full time piercer and studio manager in Anoka, Paxton, just joined IG! Go give @yourpiercer a follow and stay tuned for more of his awesome work! #wingnuttattoo #anoka #mn #legitbodyjewelry #legitpiercingslook

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Sentimental Saturday for us at WT! A holiday party with black light bowling AND lazer tag?! Does it get better? We think not. #wingnuttattoo #wingnutfam #mn #anoka #stcloud @crazyshane73 @kellifury @gentlemanjo @davewittwer @shannonpesta @daryllundeen @yourpiercer @gypsyvonmoonchild @j_s_heike @lunchboxx3 @joelthepiercer @johnchamberlin

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if I'm getting something pierced and I'm 18 what form of identification do I need to bring?

A state or federal issued, valid photo ID.

Swing downtown St.Cloud tomorrow from 5-9 for the Art Crawl and see some of our work hanging at @theyouthsheltersupply. Proceeds from buying the skateboards will go to buying The Boys&Girls Club both skateboards and safety equipment! Come support local art and an awesome cause 👍#wingnuttattoo #skateunity #theyouthsheltersupply #stcloud #mn #supportlocalart

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if my 18th birthday is the day before I leave for a vacation, when I come back do I get the birthday discount or no?

All our birthday discounts apply to the day of your birthday to be validated with your photo ID.

Don’t miss this show next Sunday! Tickets are available for just $20 at our St.Cloud location #wingnuttattoo #mn #stcloud #36mafia #damafia6ix

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Running low on H2Ocean?Swing into the shops and stock-up? #wingnuttattoo #mn #legitbodyjewelry #legitpiercingslook #h2ocean #aftercare

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