Looking to keep your lobes and dome warm? We got new hats for just that! ❄️Get yours today ❄️ #wingnuttattoo #tattoo #mn #anoka #stcloud #hat #domecover

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Awesome piece from @daryllundeen at our #anoka shop! Check out his and our other artists work at www.wingnutmods.com

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Still looking to fill another spot in our #anoka #mn location! Share this with a friend and join the #wingnuttattoo team 😊👍

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AWESOME things happening here at #wingnuttattoo! Don’t miss out!
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Have you seen our sweet new tees?!? Available in both #anoka and #stcloud for just $25! #wingnuttattoo #mn

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We’ve been off the map for a minute due to interweb difficulties, but we’re back! To celebrate we’re showing off this beautiful piercing from Paxton in our Anoka shop 👍👍 #wingnuttattoo #mn #stcloud #legitpiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry

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Attention all awesome clients:

In order to better serve you, as of Saturday February 1st, Gabe’s appointment book has been placed on a temporary booking freeze. All existing appointments, consults and touch-ups will still be honored. Thursday, May 1st we will open his book again for scheduling. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions please feel free to email

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Hi! I was wondering about how much a belly button piercing would cost?

Navel piercings are $35 plus the cost of the jewelry that you pick out. Jewelry starts at $35 and goes up from there.

Clayton in our #stcloud studio had a chance to make this clients day, do you see what’s covered?! #wingnuttattoo #mn

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We had a blast at the Minneapolis tattoo convention, and Gabe won this sick wizard shirt!

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Tell a friend! Seeking a new positive personality and self-motivated staff member 😊👍
*please excuse the repost!*
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Now accepting applications

We are currently seeking counter help for our Anoka location. We need someone who has availability for 3-5 shifts per week, including some weekends. You must be personable and friendly. Additionally, you need to be highly organized, have the ability to multi-task, and possess a strong attention to detail. Face-to-face customer service experience in the retail/service industry is mandatory. You do not necessarily need to know a lot about tattoos or piercings to start off with. We will provide the training and information you need. However, you MUST be a quick learner and have the ability to hear feedback and take guidance during the training process. 

To apply, email your resume and cover letter addressed “Attn: Candace – Anoka Counter Help Position” to wingnuttattoo@gmail.com. If you’ve applied in the past you will need to re-apply.  Do NOT call to apply, or send us anything on Facebook or any other social media sites. PLEASE NOTE: This position WILL NOT lead you to a tattooing or body piercing position. Seriously, don’t even ask.

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Do you guys do airbrush tattoos?

We have artists who airbrush, and we’ve done airbrushed tattoos in the past but it isn’t a norm for us no. We’re here for all your permanent needs :)

#TBT to when @crazyshane73 got to use this beautiful @bvla nostril nail! #wingnuttattoo #mn #anoka #stcloud #rochester #bvla #legitbodyjewelry #legitpiercingslook

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Great shop, I'm very interested! A quick question: what is the age requirement for lip piercings? I was thinking about getting a vertical labret and/or a dahlia but I just want to make sure I'm old enough beforehand. And lastly, would I need a guardian's permission to get my lips pierced? I'm 16, if that helps at all. Thank you for your time!

WITHOUT parental consent you must be 18 years of age or older. WITH parental consent you must be 15 years of age or older. If you’re underage, both you and one of your parents need to provide a state or federal-issued photo ID with matching last name AND address (school ID’s are not acceptable). If for some reason either of those things don’t match we need a state/federal issued form explaining the difference (ex: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree) Please note, any of those forms do NOT replace the need for either of the ID’s. Also, no surface piercings can be done on anyone under 18.